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Biqualys is a Dutch contract laboratory and offers extremely accurate analysis of complex mixtures in order to quantify and identify their molecular composition, using LC-SPE-NMR-MS and UPLC-FTMS. With these enabling technologies we can identify any biomarker (small molecule or protein) in a biological matrix. Identification of (unknown) compounds is virtually impossible with only MS, since there are always multiple possibilities. By combining MS with other hyphenated techniques into LC-SPE-NMR-MS unique identification can be guaranteed. MS and NMR as complementary methods are particularly useful for online bio-assays to characterise systems biological processes and to identify biomarkers and fingerprints.

In these cases Biqualys acts as focal point and project coordinator, thereby providing a one-stop-shop for your advanced analysis needs.
Biqualys helps you finding your way.

With many years of high-level scientific experience available to you, we are convinced we can help you to be successful in your marketplace.
Because of our close relationship with Wageningen University, we have access to a broad range of additional techniques and knowledge.

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